Personalized drug safety information.
Differentiate your digital healthcare services and attract or retain valuable customers with datapeutics  solutions for personalized, patient-friendly drug safety information.

Advance your digital health service portfolio with datapeutics Software as a Service solutions:
  • Enlighten your customers with comprehensible translations of medical language terms
    (for instance in doctors' letters)
  • Convince new customers to chose your digital health solution by excelling at drug safety
  • Introduce your customers to novel and exciting technology in personalized medicine
  • Become a front-runner in patient empowerment with patient-friendly drug safety information



We provide a powerful API to connect your health IT system with our Software as a Service infrastructure for personalized drug safety information.

We are also happy to provide advanced consulting solutions leveraging our knowledge on personalized medicine and machine learning or text data mining of medical data sets. You are more than welcome to get in touch.


datapeutics SymCheck

Determine the likely cause of patient's symptoms based on a medication plan. datapeutics SymCheck helps analyzing and understanding symptoms related to a specific drug as well as non-drug related causes. Side effects can be reported to doctors and authorities if required.
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datapeutics Profile

Display personalized, easily comprehensible ADR information for your customer's medication. A patient's individual parameters (e.g. demographics, lab values, genetic dispositions etc.) are aligned with datapeutics state-of-the-art ADR database and expertise on drug side effects. In particular patients on several drugs (polypharmacy) will benefit from the comprehensible overview.

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datapeutics Klartext

Decoding medical language terms, enlightening patients on the contents of their doctors' letters' or other technical terms in medical texts (e.g. drug labels) becomes straightforward with this service from datapeutics. Terms are highlighted and translated to common language, fully comprehensible to the user - opening up discussions and further sources of information to the patient.

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Are you looking for advanced drug safety features for your product or service in digital health? In case you are interested in how you can utilize our solutions and technology in favor of your business please give us a ring or send us an email — we would love to find out for you how we can help.

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datapeutics technology revolves around two central resources:
  • the datapeutics ADR knowledge base, and
  • datapeutics personalized drug safety models
We offer these resources via easy-to-use and powerful REST-based web services taking into account future FHIR infrastructures.

Knowledge database facts

Adverse drug reactions are categorized using the MedDRA/CTCAE taxonomy
> 14.000.000     patients from clinical trials
> 1400 indications (ICD-10)
> 1600 pharmacologically active substances (ATC)

We use state-of-the-art text and data mining methods for extracting facts and insights from both drug labels and approved clinical studies. The extracted data is normalized and aligned with our novel database on adverse drug reactions. Quality and integrity of data is at the heart of our endeavor.

Personalized quantitative drug safety models

  • take into account each individual patient (gender, age, co-morbidities, ...)
  • determine accumulated risks from poly-medication
  • contextualize ADR risks with background incidence of same symptoms

For each individual patient, the relevant information is retrieved from our knowledge base and processed with our statistical algorithms using machine learning and predictive analytics - leveraging our deep technical and domain knowledge in personalized medicine. For future services, we envision a "learning system“, that improves with growing amount of patient experience.

All services are hosted in Germany. We secure all data by pseudonymization and with strong encryption.


We are a tightly integrated team of data science and engineering experts with both deep technological expertise in IT, Machine Learning and Text Data Mining as well as domain knowledge in personalized medicine. From different backgrounds and decades of experience in both academia and industry we combine the required skills necessary to solve upcoming challenges with medical data sets and domain specific obstacles in our field.

Dr. Alexander Zien

Personalised medicine, Statistics, Bioinformatics

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Dipl.-Inf. Christian Hachenberg

Software development, Infra­struc­ture, Operations

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We founded datapeutics to promote patient empowerment. We felt that there is a severe gap in the current digitalization of medicine — in drug safety. Today, patients are still stuck with package inserts. We provide digital health applications with personalized and comprehensible medication information, such that every patient can know their medication risks.

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are a major hazard and cost driver in healthcare: 5% of hospitalizations are caused by ADRs. This problem is reinforced by a rising number of prescriptions leading to polypharmacy: Meanwhile 50% of elderly patients take five or more drugs on a regular base.


EXIST datapeutics has been awarded with a governmental startup grant "EXIST Gründerstipendium" in 09/2016, worth more than € 100k and hosted at the Heidelberg University Hospital.

Vitabook datapeutics partners with vitabook: a provider for personal health records ("Online-Gesundheitskonto") in Germany with more than 180,000 active patients - integrated and interacting with all types of stakeholders in the German healthcare system.

Starting from 12/2017 we are eligible for the INVEST 2.0 grant for business angel capital! Investors who meet the INVEST criteria receive a grant of 20% of their investment and an additional 25% grant on exit. Click here for more details (German), an English summary can be found here.



If you have any questions or feedback - we would love to hear from you. If you are interested in our service or consulting solutions - please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Telephone: +49 1577 2415 811  

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